GTNT General Auditions and Artist Introductions
May 16 – 20, 2022
Call out for Theatre Artists!

Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre will be hosting General Auditions and Artist Introductions the week of May 2nd to the 6th. This is your chance to present your ideas and introduce yourself to our Artistic Director Jennifer Dawn Bishop.

All artists will be given a 20 minute time slot where they can meet with Jennifer.

Designers can present portfolios and/or discuss their skillsets. Writers can present completed scripts and/or pitch ideas for development. Directors or those interested in directing can express their interest and discuss potential pitches for productions. Actors that haven’t worked at GTNT over the past three years are asked to prepare a monologue (max 3 minutes) and any other special talents they may wish to present. There will be conversation time with Jennifer whether you chose to do a special skill or not so don’t feel pressured to present anything if you don’t feel the need. Actors who Jen is familiar with may submit to reconnect and discuss potential projects.

All of these are intended to be in-person but if anyone wants to connect via Zoom/Google Hangouts/Microsoft Teams instead, we can accommodate?that.

To schedule a time, please submit through e-mail to?[email protected] by May 2, 2022